Saturday 18 November

Kids Ballroom & Latin Group Class ( Abu Dhabi) (60 minutes)

(60 minutes)

Ballroom Dance is a fun, creative outlet that could help young children enhance their self-esteem, boost social skills and increase their fitness levels. As a powerful form of self-expression, dance has an instant and raw appeal that taps into sensibilities across both genders. Why ballroom? The dance style delivers a slew of benefits that can help boost your child’s emotional and physical health. Dancing is a very powerful form of self-expression. By encouraging your kids to pursue dance from an early age, you, as a parent, are helping them tap into their creative potential. This interactive activity improves children’s social and communications skills. Ballroom dancing can help youngsters develop good posture and carry themselves with confidence. Ballroom dancing helps children develop their self-confidence and builds self-esteem so they can feel more comfortable in their own skin. It is great for children as it is a fun activity and pushes them to work for key muscle groups, optimizing their fitness levels and enhancing their overall physical health. It is good for their mind – ballroom dancing compels children to think on their feet and make quick decisions. It can increase your child’s levels of happiness. After all, with music in the background and constant movement and laughter – dancing is fun.

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$50 AED / class
1 Package Credit